Science behind stress

How many times in a day do you find yourself Being defined by the negative aspects of your life? For instance, coming home from a tiresome day at work and by the time you get home, you’re greeted by, say-your wife who awaits that inevitable moment of pent up vulnerability.After all, sharing your problems does somewhat lessen your burden. Instead, you say ‘I am tired’-now imagine that happening every single day for 365 days.That ongoing, automatic repeat of events eventually summed up in three grim words. Everyday coming home with more and more tension and slowly and gradually becoming less interactive with the world, eventually drowning in a sea of blackness. And that, my friends is stereotypically defined as ‘growing up’.

We, as individuals of a race that is rapidly increasing in population- are constantly reminded of in someway ‘contributing’ to our economy- that may be done in many ways-some more profitable than others; from starting your own private business to charitable actions. Everything we do, in today’s day and age is for a purpose without which we would lose our sanity. But as everything good has to come to an end, our purpose withers in strength as we age-eventually this so called purpose becomes a burden. Now, in context let this purpose be that I am a working class-man, an obvious group of socioeconomic people who work for their wages. I work within the medical industry, I am a doctor, I provide the service to treat patients with necessary care needed to cure/prevent/rehabilitate. That is why I was employed. After performing my duties on a daily basis and coming home to my wife I tell her ‘I am tired‘. To be something that is a far cry from what is, is a horrid habit to nurture. You convince yourself that you are tired thus lowering your self esteem and invite drowsiness upon your mental state. This leads to an obvious series of events-where the individual in question has, at this stage let the negative aspects of his/her life take over.

Stress becomes a part of many things in our lives-subject to this blog, I gave the example of work life. As bad as stress can be-there are also many ways to deal with it, of course thats a question of how one chooses to tackle it. I’m an A level student and typically surrounded by stress like any other fellow colleague.At times it does get unbearable-what with peer pressure on top of living up to expectations but I choose to accept these hurdles instead of avoid them and try find ways in which to overcome them. Stress isn’t a toxic thing, because without it we’d turn insane. Thinking about worldly matters is what keeps our brain gears grinding….constantly trying to fix things, constantly keeping us on our toes. 5 minutes of doing what you love everyday can help alleviate your problems. If you put your mind to it- you can help fight it.

Thanks for reading!